Masks by Agustin Farias

Agustin Farias is a photographer and filmmaker from Buenos Aires, who is based in Berlin. He studied at the University of Buenos Aires and he’s been working for various fashion and commercial brands around the world. He is intrigued by the beauty of everyday life. Two months ago Agustin was clubbing and met Guillaume Airiaud, an artist from France. Later they met again in Airiaud’s studio and Farias asked him if he could do a shoot with the hand-made animal masks you see in the photos. Guillaume’s masks are based on various animal anatomies and Agustin was interested in the visual contrast between human and animal, skin and metal surfaces, visible and hidden.

Photographers are Agustin Farias  – – Instagram: @agustinfar
Sofia Alvarez – – Instagram: @sofaalvarez
Models are Virginia Hernandez – Instagram: @_virhernandez
Agustin Farias  – – Instagram: @agustinfar
Masks by Guillaume Airiaud – –   Instagram: @ghiom