May 1929

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Marius Concita. A visual artist from in Bucharest, Romania, experimenting with photography, drawing and graphic design. Modelling, Concept & Styling by Razvan Firea. Brands are Gucci, Chanel, Parachute, Le Petit Indigent, Erdem x H&M, Giambattista Valli x H&M, 1920s vintage.

“May 1929” is an intimate project made during confinement in collaboration with Razvan Firea, the stylist and model. Together they staged a 1920s cinematic story.

Emerging into escapist time travel, inspired by an old photo bought from an antique shop, they imagined this character’s life in isolation in the late 1920s, blending masculine and feminine codes into an androgynous vision of beauty.  “When you are locked in a bubble of your own dreams, the line between the past and the present gets diluted.”

Photography by Marius Concita / Instagram: @concitamarius
Concept & Styling by Razvan Firea / Instagram: @razvanfirea
Model is Razvan Firea