Meat District by Zea Lindström

Zea Lindström (b. Stockholm, Sweden) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. Lindstrom’s work challenges contemporary perceptions about body image through art direction and photography. The work focuses on showing the beauty, rawness, and vulnerability of the relationship we have with our bodies. Meat District is a photography project that approaches the issue of the beauty industry, where the pressure to conform to beauty standards has reached a point where Facetune and Instagram filters routinely function as templates for a skyrocketing number of aesthetic procedures.

The project is a response to my own anxieties and struggles of having body dysmorphia, where I always felt the pressure to constantly change my appearance and my body in order to be accepted and loved. With Meat District I wanted to explore a more vulnerable and rawer side of the relationship with our own bodies and appearance, the idea of how society pressures us to change ourselves in order to be accepted. Have you installed the latest upgrade?


Artwork, Concept, Art Direction by Zea Lindstrom
Photography by Zea Lindstrom & Nick Dunne,