MeatChip Monthly Playlist

As we move into the last and darkest moments of Berlin winter, MEATCHIP pulsing in your ears should help you keep it together just a little bit longer. From Kelly Lee Owen’s surprisingly warm and fuzzy cover Aaliyah’s 2001 hit “More Than A Woman” to Lizzo’s latest feel-good track, and Yuno’s floaty “So Slow” you might even feel brave enough to take off one of those many…many… layers. To match the late night moods and ice-dusted early mornings Kælan Mikla’s “Nornalagið” (a.k.a witch song if you believe the internet hype), Susanna, the Brotherhood of Our Lady with their latest single (all inspired by Hieronymous Bosch) match your feelings of darkness and discomfort. Finally, when you’re ready to vent your frustration at this altogether wretched season, blast Rico Nasty – grateful she didn’t have to “Smack A Bitch” – some of Princess Nokia’s original offerings (not to be missed) as well as TT The Artist. Just as every winter in Berlin promises: some comfort found in the usual suspects with a dash of new discovery mixed in.