Mel 4Ever teams up with Fraxiom for the new single ‘Go Bitch!’

Following a period of creative isolation and reinvention, critically-hailed pop artist Mel 4Ever is back with a brand new single, ‘Go Bitch!’ featuring hyperpop star Fraxiom. As the lead single from her upcoming sophomore EP, ‘Go Bitch!’ is a taste of Mel’s sonic evolution, combining deadmau5-inspired EDM and Baltimore Club to create a raging earwormy track that showcases her growth as one of the best up and coming songwriters of our time. Mel debuted the track live when she opened for Cupcakke in NYC this February, with Fraxiom joining her on stage for an electric performance.

Mel says, “I wrote ‘Go Bitch!’ about the desire for public affirmation from a romantic partner who doesn’t want to be seen with you in public. As a trans woman, this is a tale as old as time. The whole track is a fantasy of what I wanted this man I was seeing to say: ‘this is my chick / this the one I ride with / this the girl I’ll die with.’ The bridge goes into a desperate siren call: ‘the last time you touched me / I was screaming love.’ I was falling hard for him but he kept me as a secret. Then Frax comes into the track as my bestie trying to hype me up with her brilliant verse. She’s incredible to work with and co-produced the song with my producer Jack Hoffman. While this song was born out of torment, when you hear it, you just can’t help but take your own power back. That’s what I’ve always loved about making pop music. Take that despair girl and turn it into something bombastic.”

Fraxiom adds, “THIS SONG IS INSANE.”

Mel 4Ever is set to release her sophomore EP in the coming months with a few surprises in store. She describes it as “the mark of a new age in pop music…It’s trans rage and focused power. It’s my personal introduction to the industry.”

Mel’s “no-holds-barred performance style captivates audiences” (Gay Times) and has landed her top billing with sold out shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Baltimore. She’s opened for iconic touring acts such as Slayyyter, Cupcakke, and Adore DeLano, and she’s drawn crowds at music festivals like Bushwig and Wynwood Pride.

Known for her smash singles like “Treat Me (Like a Toilet)”, “Internet Crush,” and “I HATE U”, Mel 4Ever first burst on to the pop scene with immediate acclaim in July 2021 with her debut single, “Big Tits.” Her debut EP, Tranic Attack (released November 2021) was praised by MTV, Nylon, PAPER, and PopBuzz, and she received acclaim from Ladygunn for “masterfully melting together glitching synths, bimbo-pop delicacies and outrageous yet ethereal sounds to create a glittery-plastic coated, blush pink–sound experience.”

“Go Bitch! (feat. Fraxiom)” is written by Mel 4Ever, Fraxiom and Tor Miller, produced by Jack Hoffman and Fraxiom.