Metamorphosis! Analogue photography by Palma Llopis

Words by Josey Heyes

Metamorphosis talks about the Self in a poetic way. It’s a reflection on the duality of Self, which is highlighted in these times of pandemic and quarantine. Photography by Palma Llopis. Model is Josey Heyes signed at Agencia River. Make up and hair artist is Josey Heyes. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

When the veil falls
And the shroud is lifted
The unseen comes into focus. The pure being is marked.
Everything is two-sided; the one presented to the world and the one that looks in.
It is on the latter where the real grooves of character appear, etching a far more accurate portrait of Self than any reflection ever could.

Duality teaches us that harmony and balance come from this contradiction that enriches both the Self and the world formed around us.
Every aspect of life is a balance; we ourselves are no different.
A two-way mirror.
On one side we reflect,
And on the other
we go deeper.

Text by Josey Heyes.

Photography by Palma Llopis / / Instagram: @palmallopis
Model is Josey Heyes signed at Agencia River / Model Instagram: @joseyhys / Agency Instagram: @agenciariver_
Make up and hair artist is Josey Heyes / Instagram: @joseyhys
Photography Assistant is Nuphar Blechner / Instagram: @nuphar_blechner

Fashion by Pep Trapiello @peptrapiello / La Guerra Studio @laguerrastudio / Zara @zara