Metamorphosis by Sophie Christ

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Model is Leon Mathée signed at Louisa Models. Hair & Make-up by Paula. Styled by Laura Loi. Sophie Christ is a half German half Argentine photographer who is currently based in Berlin. Laura Loi comes from Sardinia, is a stylist and collage artist living and working in Berlin. Vintage aesthetics have a strong influence in her work, with which she escapes the ordinary world creating dreamy and romantic scenarios. “Metamorphosis” is a story about self-acceptance. 

“It’s about a young man that is liberating himself from toxic masculinity. He starts his journey in the water, purifying himself and letting go of the old stereotypes he was embodying. Walking through the forest he starts to get in touch with his real self, learning self-love, exploring masculine fragility but also confronting his demons, until he finds his way out and reaches the sky, where he can finally be free and start accepting and being himself. This is not only the story of a young man but it is the story of many of us. Letting go of what is holding us back to be our true selves, learning self-love and self-acceptance, is a never-ending process but it’s worth the journey.”

Photography by
Sophie Christ / / IG: @sophiechrist.nsm
Styled by Laura Loi / IG: @gorbatshow
Model is Leon Mathée signed at Louisa Models /IG: @leonmathee_
Hair & Make-up by Paula / IG: @paula_bethge
Editing by Dani Tejedera / / IG: @danitejedera
Clothes are from the Berlin-based fashion designer Judith Bondy, from vintage stores and from the stylist owns wardrobe.