Mia Regan shoots metaverse campaign for Coca-Cola Creations’ latest Limited Edition, ‘Dreamworld’

Muse, model and artist Mia Regan has revealed a new and stunning set of images, celebrating the launch of Dreamworld, the latest limited-edition flavour from Coca-Cola’s innovation platform, Coca-Cola Creations.


Mia’s first-ever metaverse campaign sees her wearing a range of fantastical digital looks created via Coca-Cola’s collaboration with DRESSX, delivering a series of unique visuals that tap into Mia’s love of using content as a means of self-expression and using her platform as an escapist hub. The campaign showcases a selection of playful Dreamworld-inspired digital pieces that can be worn by scanning the barcode on a Dreamworld can and accessing the Coca-Cola Hub.

Dreamworld is all about daring to dream and inspiring creativity, which is why Coca-Cola invited the content creator to self-shoot, self-style and self-direct her own campaign.

Mia said, “This was a super exciting project for me because it was completely new shooting through the metaverse. I loved working with Coca-Cola because they let me experiment and be creative with the Dreamworld collection. I creatively directed the concept and space, so I really enjoyed playing around with movement, makeup and collaging. Plus, the Dreamworld can is super cool!”

Dreamworld comes in distinctive packaging, transforming the iconic Coca-Cola® can with whimsical shapes and electric colours to create dream-like optical illusions, also featured in Mia’s campaign.
The exact taste profile of Dreamworld’s flavour is kept under wraps, leaving the drinker to interpret it however they wish and decide for themselves what it tastes like. With both the flavour of the product and the digital fashion collection, Coca-Cola is inviting drinkers to enjoy, experiment and find their own unique creativity.

Coca-Cola® Dreamworld is available to purchase at all major UK retailers in a Zero Sugar version.
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Makeup: @aoifeartist
Photographer: @dopdan