Michelangelo’s David

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Iasmina Panduru, a Romanian fashion photographer, recently graduated from London College of Fashion. Model is Parris Mason. “Hungry for diversity and tired of seeing iconic powerful men represented as mostly being white in art history, I decided to do a set of images inspired by Michelangelo’s David – a contemporary view on today’s minorities. Re-imagining a Biblical character and offering such a powerful role to a man of colour might not be new, but will definitely be considered outraging by many. But that’s fine because I love to provoke my audience and especially when it comes to social political issues like this. The purpose of this shoot was to show the complex beauty and royalty of dark skin but also to bring homage to African soldiers that lost their lives in wars throughout history. This shoot was created by using only fabrics and textile materials.”

Photography by Iasmina Panduru / behance.net./p_ias / Instagram: @p_ias
Model is Parris Mason / Instagram: @pmoneylifeaintfunny