Middle Easting

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial and fashion film. Art and photography by Maya Shoham. Models are Yankalle Filtser, Kyle Scheurich, Etay Axelroad. Artistic direction and choreography by Yankalle Filtser. Designs by Danielle Zuri. The editorial simulates a local tribe who performs rituals of dance instead of killing. The models are dancers, all danced in the young Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv and all live in the Middle East, living artistic life close to a war zone.

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Art and photography: Maya Shoham www.instagram.com/shohamaya/
Artistic direction and choreography: Yankalle Filtser www.instagram.com/yankalle/
Design: Danielle Zuri cargocollective.com/daniellezuri
Models: Yankalle Filtser, Kyle Scheurich, Etay Axelroad.