Milk of Lime Spring/Summer 2024

Berlin Fashion Week. Milk of Lime’s “Dozen” collection is an ode to nature, decay, transience, imperfect beauty, and poetry. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, these looks embody the captivating charm of the outdoors. The materials, colours, and silhouettes captured in this collection encapsulate the very essence of nature.

photos © Finnegan Godenschweger for BFW

Earthy tones such as black, white, green, brown, and subtle red and silver accents dominate, creating a harmonious blend of colours reminiscent of the earth’s natural palette. Leather and transparent flowing fabrics are ingeniously used to represent the raw yet tender side of nature.

One noteworthy aspect of the “Dozen” collection is the profound focus on utilizing natural materials and remnants. Through careful craftsmanship, leather and neglected materials like jute are transformed into exquisite pieces and accessories, adding depth to the collection of 21 unique looks.

“Dozen” is designed with a fictional character in mind, one that truly embodies the essence of Milk of Lime. This character, referred to as the “winery punk,” exudes elegance while remaining deeply connected to nature.

The show itself was held at the Zeiss Major Planetarium, a location chosen specifically to evoke the rural atelier from where the Milk of Lime brand originates. The fashion, presented in a sombre atmosphere, was beautifully complemented by the melodious tunes of Adriaan de Roover.

“Dozen” celebrates imperfections and pays tribute to the enchanting poetry of nature, resonating with the shared human experience. Notable collaborations featured in this collection include handmade leather accessories by Viktoria Ballardt, a former saddle maker, as well as a partnership with Austrian ceramic artist 3sechzig, who contributed a stunning series of porcelain beads.

Milk of Lime is grounded in our deep human connection with nature and the transformative power of collaborative craftsmanship. Located in SouthWest Germany, in close proximity to its manufacturers and artisans, the brand operates within a tight network that allows for conscious, small-scale production and the creation of individual pieces.

As new garments and accessories take shape, they reflect both our surroundings and the available resources, while also embracing neglected yet precious materials and cherishing their unique and inherent character. This commitment to utilizing sustainable materials lies at the very core of Milk of Lime’s brand philosophy.