Milk of Lime Spring/Summer 2025

Berlin Fashion Week! We adore Milk of Lime and its latest collection, which beautifully bridges our connection to nature and the essence of collaborative craftsmanship. Rooted in South West Germany, close to both its manufacturers and artisans, Milk of Lime benefits from a tight-knit network that fosters conscious, small-scale production, resulting in unique, individual pieces. The brand’s new garments and accessories capture the essence of our environment, making use of precious yet often overlooked materials, and staying true to their core values.

all photos by Andrew Thomas for BFW @verysmallatoms

Milk of Lime S/S25: A Stunning Display at Berlin Fashion Week

During Berlin Fashion Week, the Belgian-German duo Julia Ballardt and Nico Verhaegen, who clinched the Berlin Contemporary award, showcased their collection for Milk of Lime at the Silent Green, a venue set inside a former crematorium. This season continues in their signature style, playing with contrasts and utilizing nature-inspired materials like wool. Think of a transparent, ruffled chiffon top paired with wide-cut pants or a delicately knitted midi skirt matched with a cloud-like short bomber jacket.

Current, the name of their latest collection, explores the thematic depth of weather. When asked about their inspiration, Julia and Nico shared how a surprising find in a second-hand bookstore became pivotal:

“We found a book titled ‘Wie es Wetter wird’ or ‘How the Weather Will Be,’ which drew us in with its illustrations and descriptions of farmers predicting the weather.”

While many of the looks appear to have been weathered, others took inspiration from the wind’s unseen forces. This was particularly evident in their collaboration with graphic designer and artist Jeroen Van Den Bogaert on three distinctive coats, each crafted to represent a specific state on the Beaufort scale, meticulously woven from beautifully textured cotton jacquard.

When asked about their standout piece for the season, they highlighted:

“A floor-length silk skirt combined with a graphic t-shirt embodies our collaborative spirit. This fragile, lace and silk handcrafted piece juxtaposed with an element reminiscent of band merch merges the highest and lowest forms of clothing into one harmonious silhouette.”

As for what makes Berlin Fashion Week special, Julia and Nico emphasized its unique platform for young designers:

“Berlin Fashion Week, alongside London, is unique in its support for emerging talent. It feels incredibly welcoming.”

Milk of Lime’s SS25 collection is a testament to their craftsmanship ethos and environmental consciousness, making waves and setting benchmarks in the fashion world.