ModaLisboa Collective: Gonçalo Peixoto S/S20 – EMBRACE FOR IMPACT

Designer Gonçalo Peixoto is one of the big talents from Portugal. Ready to join the international fashion world with his womenswear vision. He started studying Fashion Design in 2012 in Guimarães and he is currently graduating in ESAD, Escola Superior de Artes e Design, in Porto.

Since the beginning of his studies, he has revealed to be a passionate young artist driven by his love for fashion and his need to create. His collections have drawn the attention of several highly regarded fashion stores, as well as fashion magazines and other artists. /


The story of a new safari and reinterpreted classic patterns, where the unexpected silhouetes and vibrant colors make the 2020 Spring/summer statement. The merge between the classic and sporty pieces extends its presence in fabrics, shapes and fit. Aren’t womens summer hotness suposed to be properly emphasized?