Models Of London: Alexandra Karpova

The strikingly beautiful Alexandra Karpova signed to Profile Models, Tells us her story of being discovered though Siberian’s Next top model competition, her love of potatoes and some of her funniest shoots to date. Having worked with major publications such as Vogue Japan and Marie Claire, Alexandra is on the fast track to success and this weeks Model of London.


Name: Alexandra Karpova / Age: 22 / Birthplace: Siberia , Russia  / Agency: Profile

How were you discovered: By the agency in Russia. There was a casting for the “Next Siberian Top Model”. So my mom said that i need to give it a try. It was fun experience and this is where I decided to start traveling.  

What has been the high light to you career so far: Hard to say to be honest.

Whats the funniest thing a clients asked you to: Hug an invisible boyfriend in the air with an ikea bag on my head. It was my funniest photoshoot, I think.


Whats your dream booking and why: Just work hard and be successful in modelling.  

Who’s your favourite fashion icon and why: Charles Frederick Worth. It all started from him.

Whats the best piece of advice you were ever given: Smile, no matter what.

What item of clothing could you not live without: Converse. It’s just so comfortable.


How do you keep fit: Sport is the only way to keep my body in shape

Whats you favourite food: POTATOES. I put it in almost everything I cook. Salads, I cook it with chicken, with vegetables, just potatoes. Even deserts!! lol.

What was the last music track you listened too: Roger Shah and Sunlouger – Feels like heaven.

What do you do to let your hair down: Just chilling with friends or going to the cinema.


Whats the best thing about being you: Traveling. Meeting new people everyday.

If you were an animal what would you be: After 4 years living in London i would say a bird. No traffic!     


Instagram: alexandra_karpova

Team Credit:

Photography: Karl Slater
Styling: Kennedy Silver
Makeup: Jo Coletta Using Skincare and Makeup by Cosmetics à La Carte
Hair Stylist: Niki Black Using Bubble and Bubble
Talent: Alexandra Karpova represented by Profile Model Management
Wardrobe: Manuel Diaz
Text: Karl Slater