Models Of London: Archie Redford

Fashion model and actor Archie Redford signed to Select Model Management is one of the fresh fasces on the London modelling scene. Already working with amazing brands such as Stone Island and Charles Worthington. While booking editorials in Fucking Young, Hypebeast, and Seventh Man magazine. We believe Archie has a very bright future ahead of him and he’s this weeks Model of London!

Name: Archie Redford / Age: 18 / Birthplace: London / Agency: Select Model Management / Category: Fashion

How were you discovered: Several people had thought I should give it a go, so one day i thought ‘fuck it’ and went straight to Select.


What has been the highlight to you career so far: My first editorial, to be honest, for Grit magazine and shot by Winter Vandenbrink (who incidentally is one of my favourite photographers). Everyone on set were super nice and just made me feel really welcome, not to mention skiving off college was a bonus!!


Whats your dream booking:
Honestly, the next job – I gotta pay the bills somehow!

Who’s your favourite fashion icon:  Jack Kerouac, its sounds counter intuitive because he’d tend to substitute practicality over style but he managed to do it and look effortlessly cool


What item of clothing could you not live without: My beanie ‘cos London’s bloody cold and I don’t have to worry about my hair..

How do you keep fit: Lots of tea and lots of sleep!

Whats you favourite food: Falafel, how can you not? I don’t know one person who’s tried it and didn’t get hooked.


What do you do for fun: Im probably really boring, I mostly stay in, but I read a lot and I’m currently writing a few short films and I LOVE the theatre so I try to see as much as I can.

Whats the best thing about being you:
I’d say i’m pretty laid back, life’s a lot easier if you chill out.

If you were an animal what would you be: A cat.



Team Credit:

Photography: Karl Slater
Kennedy Silver
Grooming: Jo Coletta using Kiehls & MAC Pro.
Fabien Salaget using Matrix
Archie Redford @ Select Model Management
Karl Slater
Coat by Duck & Cover
Top by AMH
Trousers by Samsoe & Samose
Hat by Blaq Zinq