Models Of London: Kevin H.

Kevin signed to First models best known for his Tattoos, epitomises the young cool London look clients are going crazy for. This is all the more evident with Kevin booking commissions with iconic UK  super brand Dr Martens. His original style has meant that he’s been featured in the UK Mens Hair Award, Fashion design collaboration GQ x GAP and obtained editorials in Fucking Young Magazine.  We cant get enough of Kevin’s look, making him this weeks Model of London


Name: Kevin H / Age: 24 / Birthplace: London / Agency: First Models / Category: Fashion & Tattoos

How were you discovered: My mate scouted me for Oxygen and then I met Kim (My booker) and just followed her from there to First Models.

What has been the high light to you carrier so far: My high light has to be all the people you meet on the job, always a nice things!


Whats your dream booking: Any where hot and sunny with no doubt!

Who’s your favourite fashion icon: English musician, singer, and songwriter, Alex Turner.

What item of clothing could you not live without: My jeans from Cheap Monday that I get tailored from a mate. The perfect jean for me.


How do you keep fit: Food is the main thing, you are what you eat. I do a little work out in the morning just to wake and pump me up a bit.

Whats you favourite food: My favourite food would have to be a good classic rib eye steak.


What do you do for fun: Party!!!! Cooking and listening to music at the same time, iI love food!

Whats the best thing about being you: I love my job as a barber in Soho “The Wacky Barber”.


If you were an animal what would you be: It would have to be a pit bull, my favourite dog in the world!!!

Instagram: kevin_hey



Photography: Karl Slater
Styling: Kennedy Silver
Grooming: Jo Coletta using Kiehls & MAC Pro.
Hair: Fabien Salaget using Matrix
Model: Kevin @ First Models
Wardrobe: Ada + Nik