Models Of London: Matt Rodwell

Über hunk Matt Rodwell signed to NEVS Models has worked with all the big guys, Vogue, i-D, Dazed and Confused, Wonderland, 1883 and Man About Town. It has been said he has even reached icon status with a huge fan following, and well deserved. Also working with fashion legends Dolce and Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Givenchy. Plus fresh London designers such as Astrid Andersen and Christopher Raeburn. Matts look appeals to all, with an eye for a masculinity most people lack.

Name: Matt Rodwell / Age: 22 / Birthplace: Zimbabwe / Agency: NEVS / Category: Fashion

How were you discovered: A friend put me in contact with the agency.

Whats your dream booking: Givenchy show would be amazing. Calvin Klein underwear campaign or a Ralph Lauren campaign would be good too!


What has been the high light to you carrier so far: Closing Astrid Andersen and then closing Sibling at LCM.

Who’s your favourite fashion icon: Kate Moss is a Goddess.

What item of clothing could you not live without: Tracksuit bottoms. Comfort is key.


How do you keep fit: CrossFit. I work in a gym.

Whats you favourite food: Pizza and Ben and Jerry’s


What do you do for fun: When I get time I go down to Cornwall to see my family. Its always a good time! Otherwise I’m a local at Monmouth Coffee, reading books and drinking coffee is my favourite thing to do.

Whats the best thing about being you: Im 22, I’ve still got a bit of time to make mistakes.

If you were an animal what would you be: I’d be an Orca. They are incredible!


Instagram: @mattrodwell

Team Credit:

Photography: Karl Slater @Facebook
Styling: Kennedy Silver
Grooming: Jo Coletta using Kiehls & MAC Pro.
Hair: Fabien Salaget using Matrix
Tallent: Matt Rodwell @Nevs Models @Instagram
Text: Karl Slater
Shorts / Top (worn around waist) by Ada + Nik