Models Of London: Mel

This week Models of London take the time to get to know high fashion model Mel, signed to Select Models. In this short informal interview he talks us though his love of tracksuits, dance and his guilty pleasure..  Dominoes cookies.


Name: Mel / Age: 18 / Birthplace: London / Agency: Select / Category: High Fashion.

How were you discovered: I was an extra on a television series (Suspects, Channel 5) and the person in charge of most of the admin was a mother agent. He said I had a great look and he took me round a few agencies in London. I felt the most comfortable at Select.


What has been the high light to you career so far: Working with a large clan of farmyard animals on a shoot. Having a load of squealing creatures running about constantly needing attention and care makes us models feel less lonely on the shoot.

Whats the funniest thing a clients asked you to do: To clean up the set after the goose I was holding defecated all over the green screen. The client believed that the way I was walking with it made it do this. Never heard anything so ridiculous in my life.


Whats your dream booking: Fred Perry – have always been totally bent over backwards in love with every bit of clothing that comes from them. Its my Victoria’s Secret equivalent for female models, but if I were a female model I would still want a Perry job!

Who’s your favourite fashion icon: Russell Brand – because he became one without any intention to be.

Whats the best piece of advice you were ever given: To place yourself in the shoes of everyone of the crew you are working with.


What item of clothing could you not live without: My tracksuit bottoms. They require very little maintenance and are the most socially acceptable way to wear one’s pyjamas everywhere.

How do you keep fit: I’m a dancer (originally practiced street dance but since I started taking it more seriously I’ve been very much immersed in classical ballet and contemporary dance). Its a fantastic way to exercise as I couldn’t think of a more enjoyable form. It’s also nice to know that there’s more purpose in this exercise than slavin away on the machines in the gym just so you can slave away on those machines to greater extent the next day. The dance is the priority and any other benefit is a bonus.

Whats you favourite food: Was Dominoes cookies but now I’ve been told by various fashion-eesters that I shouldn’t be eating that sort of stuff so now I reluctantly prefer smoked salmon with scrambled egg, fresh rocket salad and brown bread……

What was the last music track you listened to: Dexter Gordon – Love for sale.


What do you do to let your hair down: If there be a good line-up at fabric then I very much enjoy heading there to cut loose for a bit.

If you were an animal what would you be: Any kind of bird. The thought of flying never gets any more dull.


Instagram: melchiaw

Team Credit:

Photography: Karl Slater

Styling: Kennedy Silver

Grooming: Jo Coletta using Kiehls & MAC Pro (Makeup) Lable M (Hair).

Wardrobe: All garments Unconditional