Modern Angels

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photographer Virginija Vaiciulyte captured Lukas Svirplys and Evelina Zymantaite for us. Make up and hair by Kotryna Vainilaviciute. Fashion by Leonsenberg, Akvile Janciauskaite, Zara, Bershka and Second-Hand items.

“Over thousands of years, evolution has changed not only the Earth’s fauna and flora but also the men who live there. Cities, circumstances, habits, joys, and fears have changed countless times. Only ANGELS remained the same,- it seems like no one has cut their wings, pierced their ears or dyed their hair. But what if they, too, have long been not only white, peaceful, holy and feathered creatures ?”

Photography: Virginija Vaiciulyte / Instagram: @virginijavaiciulyte
Models: Lukas Svirplys / Instagram: @svirpalas
Evelina Zymantaite / Instagram: @evelinzm
Make Up and Hair: Kotryna Vainilaviciute / Instagram: @katvainila
Story & text: Lukas Svirplys / Instagram: @svirpalas
Idea: Ieva Brazionyte / Instagram: @ieva.brazionyte
Styling by Lukas Svirplys / @svirpalas
Evelina Zymantaite / Instagram: @evelinzm
Virginija Vaiciulyte / Instagram: @virginijavaiciulyte
Ieva Brazionyte / Instagram: @ieva.brazionyte