Moments of Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival 2022

Milkshake Festival is an open-minded electronic dance festival with Marieke Samalo being the founder of the event that has made its mark in the city centre of Amsterdam. There are 9 stages per day that showcase (inter)national event promotors, artists and performance artists. With the most played genres being house, disco, pop, techno, R&B and dancehall, there is something for everyone, a delicious recipe to tantalize all your taste buds.

Founder of Milkshake Marieke Samalo with Lady Galore

The first episode of Milkshake Amsterdam took place in 2012, right in the heart of the city.
Throughout the years, Milkshake has amplified its voice and spread more love than you can imagine,
with Indoor editions in various venues and festivals in Brasil.

“Everything we create originates from our strong belief in radical freedom. We are working towards global unity, love, peace, and acceptance. Our intention is to create and give a platform to (performance) artists that belong to underrepresented groups that are not yet wholly accepted in our society. 

Life is a party thanks to the tremendous diversity of skin colours, religions, sexual preferences and gender expressions. Thick, thin, small, large, gay, straight, trans, black, white and everyone in between: people are the salt of the earth, and this is what we celebrate!  “

+ Milkshake Team

We bring you KALTBLUT exclusive by Jure Perisic, Dublin-based fashion photographer who captured drag artists being a part of Galore Stage, as well as some amazing fashion moments of Milkshake guests displaying creativity and freedom of expression. The galore stage is a festival program that gathers over 50 diverse and unique performers who have the chance to display and feature their characters and spread the message of love, unity and community.

Founder of Milkshake Marieke Samalo with Lady Galore