#MondayMood Benjamin Hidas – Long Gone (feat. Eva Eik)

In a brand new melting pot consisting of odd rhythms with layered vocals, both acoustic and electronic instruments, Benjamin Hidas and Eva Eik invite you to take a step into a new brainy part of the pop world. Let your ears swim in music elements from India, Latin America and Modern Western pop music, combined with lyrics about longing, love and long-distance relationships. The music is written by two Norwegian students at Leeds College of Music / UK with roots from Iceland, Romania, Germany, and Hungary

One of the best feelings in the world is to find new music that you love. As for me, this joy becomes even bigger when the musical expression itself contain an entirely new vibe. You find something you really can’t relate to anything else you’ve heard before. I wish for everyone on this planet to experience this feeling, therefore I strive to contribute to this. As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to craft something truly unique within music. We all have different tastes, so the hard part about this is to come up with something that most people will see just as unique as they see it enjoyable. I see this as my lifelong challenge – Long Gone is my first released attempt of many more to come.


Photo by Shannon McDonald Photography