#MondayMood ELIS NOA – ‘High’

Lyrical melodies embedded in layers of cinematic synthesizers, energetic rhythms, colourful harmonies and experimental saxophone sounds. Vienna based ELIS NOA pushes the boundaries of electronic pop and creates a habitat for musical exploration with a poly­stylistic sound. ‘High’ offers a taste of ELIS NOA’s EP of the same name, coming May 12th via their newly founded label Ken37 Records.

The four musicians behind the Vienna based band ELIS NOA are connected through an uncompromising pursuit of collective thought. Originating from the song ideas of the singer, the band is now building a sound that strongly reflects their combined songwriting and would not be possible without the incorporation of four different musical backgrounds. The sound aesthetics push the boundaries of a classic pop­ project: different electronic structures and synthesizer sounds encounter lyrical vocals that are rooted in soul music. Atmospheric soundscapes coexist in their fragility with energetic and dynamic rhythms, while the fluid harmonies show no fear of contact with complex jazz structures. Electronically modified saxophone sounds support the vivid lyrics that shape the songs. The finely interwoven song ­structures mirror the bands live ­set: one is not limited to the preconceived function of their instruments, rather liberated through a flexible instrumental tool set that allows each member to cover different musical areas.