#MondayMood Jack Panther – ‘Blue Boy’

Dream-pop beau Jack Panther releases the delectable new single, ‘Blue Boy’ taken from the upcoming EP this dream i had. Speaking about the shimmering new release, Panther says, “I took a break from writing this track to head to the beach with my friends. Whilst dipping my feet in the water I wrote the chorus lyric ‘lover swimming in the deep blue’. Everything about this track reminds me of summer, hell I even wrote it at the beach… ‘Blue Boy’ has sort of got two sides to the song, summer-y and melancholic. I felt so stuck at the time, so many conflicting emotions of love and guilt because I fell for someone else.” this dream i had will be released on November 13th.


Developing in the Wellington scene and born in Auckland is queer artist Jack Panther, who uses his craft to blend tones of melancholy with pop. 2020 will see the release of Panther’s sophomore EP, ‘this dream i had’, a collaboration alongside UK-based producer Ian Barter who has worked in developing artists including Amy Winehouse, FKA Twigs, and Paloma Faith.

Panther experiences vivid and complex dreams and one particular dream about the future of himself and his partner inspired the concept for the EP. He explains, “the tracks were written when I was in a passionate relationship that turned toxic. I wrote about every intense moment of the relationship and ended up narrating its demise”.

From beginning to finish the tracks tell a narrative of summer love, long-distance and heartbreak. His writing intertwines personal experiences with relatable feelings that showcase a vulnerable, brooding pop-side.


Photography by Pictvre and Joseph Griffen
Styling by Rob Tennent