#MondayMood Maths Time Joy – ‘Cut Them Loose’ Ft. Ayelle

‘Cut Them Loose’ is the glossy new single from Maths Time Joy featuring Swedish-Iranian songwriter and vocalist Ayelle. ‘Cut Them Loose’ is the fourth single to be released from Grammy-nominated British producer & songwriter Maths Time Joy’s forthcoming ‘Sunset Motel EP’. Ayelle draws inspiration from own life experiences; her writing explores power dynamics within relationships, challenging the status quo, as well as sparking discussion and self-reflection. Together they have crafted a sparse and affecting R&B tinged electronic sound.

Speaking about their collaboration on the track Maths Time Joy explains,“Ayelle and I have worked together on a bunch of tracks but this was the first song we made together. I’ve always been a fan of her melodies and she has a great tone in her voice, it definitely lends itself to the slow building tracks that my project is known for.”

Ayelle goes on to explain, “‘Cut Them Loose’ is about wanting someone bad enough that you resist the instinct to cut them out of your life before they hurt you. I got into a habit of cutting guys out of my life before they could become important enough to hurt me. I ended up doing the same thing to the guy I wrote this about.”


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