#MondayMood Max Future – ‘Underwater Flip’ ft. Lo Swing

Max Future is the solo project of Max Zippel, one of the members of the Parisian band Concorde. Self-taught musician and a true Jack of all trades, Max started composing by the age of 15. It was in his bedroom in Vincennes, South Paris, where he began to experiment with an infinite universe of sounds created by his laptop, guitars and vintage keyboards โ€“ instrumental music inspired by the large collection of hip hop, soul and funk vinyl records he owns. Watch the out of this world visuals for his latest track ‘Underwater Flip’ featuring Lo Swing below.

Max also explores the fields of photography, graphic design and contemporary art, always keeping the music close to him, as a life partner. His talent as a composer is nothing but a way to express his emotions and his overflowing creativity, but at this point he cannot imagine this will become his actual way of living one day.

EP 001 is out now via Panache