#MondayMood Sign Libra – ‘Daybreak’

Photo by Sergey Ananyev

Sign Libra returns with ‘Daybreak’, the second single from the forthcoming album Hidden Beauty. The vessel of Latvian musician Agata Melnikova, Sign Libra’s signature blend of evocative composition with wordless, ethereal vocalization guides an intimate voyage through feminine nature on Hidden Beauty, guided by the arts of subtext, musical collage, and mysterious allusions.

The first inklings of Hidden Beauty formed in 2019, with the basic contours of the album sculpted in 2020 and early 2021. As with Agata’s previous work, Hidden Beauty was invented as a solitary creative effort, but this time under uniquely hermetic impositions. Tethered to the world only by screen, the artist sought inspiration from an unlikely array of activities: new, unorthodox approaches at composing, learning French, a virtual pedagogical practice, and plenty of jubilant dancing in her flat, sunglasses on, to 90s dance music.

‘Daybreak’ is accompanied by an elaborate animated video directed by Yuri Grasevich and Philip Ananyev that captures the spirit and aesthetic from the early dawn of role-playing video games. Grasevich and Ananyeg’s use of in-game chat interfaces, with choose your own adventure dialogue options, accompany a that narrative follows Agata, Sign Libra’s alter-ego, and her endearing companion, Sunny The Sunflower, on an epic quest to save the sun. 

Sign Libra’s Hidden Beauty will be released in vinyl, Japanese import CD, and digital editions on November 3, 2023. A portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit Coral Guardian, a non-governmental organization working internationally and with local communities to protect coral ecosystems.


Daybreak is out now: https://lnk.to/rvngnl96