#MondayMood St. Sol – ‘Narcissus’

Painting with swirling, textural synthesizers, St. Sol’s shapeshifting music operates outside of genre. Ahead of the release of their new Limina EP on September 24th, the multi-disciplinary artist releases the EP’s stand-out stunner ‘Narcissus’ as an official single along with its experiential 360 music video, developed and produced by St. Sol themself. The immersive VR music video is the best way to experience ‘Narcissus’, which explores the parallels between digital space and the invisible space of the mind. Complete with 3D audio, and a customizable 360 video version on YouTube, ‘Narcissus’ is a powerful introduction to a truly extraordinarily talented new artist. ​

In St. Sol’s confessional 2019 debut Amphibian, their focus is pointed deeply inward, prodding and dissecting the melodrama of isolation. In ‘Lonewolf’, a hazy guitar and lilting percussion set a minimal stage as St. Sol laments, “I see myself in every one/ but no one can find themselves/in the forest of me.” Later in the album, a burning fire of determination comes through in ‘Watch Me’, a vibrating, bass driven electronic soundscape. The final chorus explodes with the artists’ belligerent dare, “Watch me glow.”

In 2021 as the world descends into madness, St. Sol preaches of inner peace. This project is largely inspired by an interpretation of the story of Narcissus from a 1976 issue of Parabola Magazine, entitled ‘Magic’. In this interpretation, the Narcissus experience is “to discover a new self – to bring to the surface a formerly hidden potentiality, an altogether new image of oneself.” Whereas Amphibian cleared a path into the unconscious, on Limina, St. Sol dives into it headfirst-triggering and engaging in their own Narcissus experience.

Narcissus from the upcoming EP Limina- out September 24th. Pre-order it here: https://solsolsolmusic.bandcamp.com/