MONO STRUCTURE! Photography by Mateusz Szczepaniak

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Mateusz Szczepaniak captured male model Mariusz Stanislawski. Styled by Anya Kamarek using fashion by Monochrome. “I am a fashion photographer inspired by architecture, photography, art and design. I start to work with MONOCHROME to create a vision for brand and style that is suits my estetic and project. Location gives a strong , simple and overtimeing structures used by now. The atmosphere is very unique and historical to my country. The Shipyard we choosed is one of the biggest in Poland . It was founded in 1945 so just before II World War in Gdynia city and after first shipping point after I World Warin Gdansk City . Thehere where many protests and victims. From here also comming NNSZ SOLIDARNOSC .The trade union for the defence of workers’ rights and opposition to communism. The Shipyard builded more than 1000 of fully equipped seagoing ships and it was repleaced before 1945 by germany Shipyard . It fell down in 1996 than restored as Sipyard Gdansk SA in 2006. Those places have incredible meaning of region’s monostucture economy and maritime industry.” says the photographer.

Photographer: Mateusz Szczepaniak

Model: Mariusz Stanislawski

Stylist: Anya Kamarek

Brand: Monochrome


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