Moonmambo by Teresa Orazio

Teresa Orazio is a young artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. From an early age Teresa has been drawing and creating original artwork. Her most recent project is ‘Moonmambo’, an in depth autobiographic project. ‘Moonmambo’ originated from different influences like dance. We love the shapes and the colours in this projects, everything seems to work perfectly together in the ‘Moonmanbo’ universe.



KALTBLUT: How did you start painting in the street?

Teresa: A well known street artist, and friend of mine, six years ago told me to try to paint on wall, so I did it. My first wall painted it was in a squat.



KALTBLUT: What’s the reaction of people when they catch you painting outside?

Teresa: Oh well that’s really nice question and makes me smile, ‘cause I really have awkward, funny stories about that. I tell you one. Once I was in a street of the suburbia of Naples (Italy) when a policeman on a motorcycle passed by, I was painting that wall with my face in front of it when he started to talk to me, I had worn large size pants and hoodie so my long hair were covered from it. When I took off the hoodie and I tuned my face to him, the policeman realised I was a woman, at that point he was amazed and he said, “Öoh you are a woman!”. At the end he let me smoothly go!




KALTBLUT: Looking at your drawings, it feels like there is something Mirò-ish to it, is he an inspiration for you?

Teresa: I love Joan Mirò paintings and also his personality discovered by reading his biography. His paintings gave me influences for sure! His art is timeless.




KALTBLUT: Who are these characters you’re drawing?

Teresa: My characters are myself, it’s autobiographical and its style and shape is related to my mum. Back in the day I used to make figurative humans bodies, but still in a surreal andabstract context.Finally Moonmambo’s shapes over years came up, but it was always on my mind.