Morphology of Ego By Jesus Gandolfo

Jesus Gandolfo is a professional photographer and fashion retoucher who lives and works in Valencia. Morphology of Ego, his most personal artistic work, focuses on the self-portrait technique as a therapeutic alternative for the exploration of psychological disorders of the image, such as anorexia and bulimia.

‘I discover here my fears, my monsters, my darkest reflections. They are also my light, my virtues, and my passions. Monochrome images of a reality distorted by eating disorders. It is a therapy, a work of emotional intelligence with which I try to simplify and reconstruct an identity lost in the shadow of time. It is a confession, an apology, and a declaration of self-love.

I make use of the self-portrait, technique with which I try to understand, accept, and feel my own body and my emotions. It turns into an expressive way to deal with the darkest thoughts of my existence: my understanding and vision of life as a process, exploring the cycle of personal evolution and emotional development.  I get lost. I find myself. I get naked in front of the camera and in front of everyone.

Thus, I discover a new way of picking up the pieces of the past to heal the wounds of the present. I try to recognize my physical figure from different perspectives and distances to build a more detailed image of my body. I begin to find in this work a creative process where the decisive moment, the shadows, the volumes, the contrasts, and the noise begin to draw more than just a body: my identity.

In this way, I try to motivate the public to recognize and confront their feelings. It is through this artistic project where I find the necessary strength to do the same: look for the beauty in the sinister, the brightness in the dark, the virtue in the defect, the opportunity in failure.’