Mortal World – Keilbein

KALTBLUT presents! This dark vision of a dying world shows the fashion of the label KEILBEIN. The psychochic of this editorial reflects the rebelism approaches a self-determined fashion. The design of KEILBEIN is characterized by individual formal idiom and the longevity of the design. Classic cuts meet delight in experimentation, resulting in vivid shapes and a unique geometry. Through the subtle play with masculine and feminine forms, innovative designs with an incomparable elegance are emerged. The combination of natural and innovative materials, and the interplay of opposites give the designs a powerful tension. The sophisticated design of KEILBEIN is emphasized by fabric manipulations and couture techniques. Women are not treated sexualized but strengthened and respectful in this fashion. Photography by Alexander Hübner. Model is amazing Hazel Hattie. All fashion by KEILBEIN. Make up by Stefanie Hübner.

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Photography by Alexander Hübner / / Instagram: @keilbein

Model is Hazel Hattie / Instagram: @hazel_hattie

Make up by Stefanie Hübner / / Instagram: @stefaniemildner

Fashion by Keilbein / / Instagram: @keilbein