Heliot Emil - coat Gloves - Stylist´s own

MUSE by Letizia Guel

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photographer Letizia Guel captured Roma Losaberidze for us. Styled by My Maanmies and Nikita Cano. Make up by Julia Kush Blamey

. The main character is a reimagined forest fairy of XXI century seen as a wasted punk that got lost in unknown thickets. He feels uncomfortable, completely wrong, but it is exactly what makes him charming. This romantic, but trashy skinhead has a touch of being fucked up in his eyes, his soul is full of protest. Thus, all his stories are dark, erotic liaisons and love affairs – sensorial, physical, supreme.

Alyx Studio – Shirt

Surrounded they were by scarlet wild roses blossoming
And dark lime-trees alley

  • Nikolai Ogaryov)

MISHBV – T-shirt
Rick Owens- T-shirt (used as face mask)
CW -underwear
Vintage Gloves -Stylist´s own
Konstantin Kofta – Backpack
Heliot Emil – coat
Gloves – Stylist´s own
Yuiki Shimoji- Faux-fur Long sleeve T-shirt
Ann Demeulemeester – Dress
Premier Amour- T-shirt

MISHBV- T-shirt
Rick Owens- T-shirt (used as face mask)
CW -underwear
Vintage Gloves -Stylist´s own
Alyx Studio – Shirt
Haider Ackermann -Trousers
Choker – Stylist´s own
Alyx Studio – Shirt
Haider Ackermann -Trousers
Choker – Stylist´s own

Nutsa Modebadze – leather vest/top
Rick Owens – T-shirt (used as face mask)
Gosha Rubchinsky – pants
Underground – Boots
Bag – Stylist´s own


Letizia Guel – freelance photographer based in Barcelona who shifts towards contemporary art and breaks boundaries with her very special fashion shootings. www.instagram.com/letiziaguel / letiziaguel.tumblr.com

Model – Roma Losaberidze – emerging Barcelona-based fashion designer, stylist and art director, originally from Tbilisi, Georgia. His very own cocktail of wasted punk, uncomfortable queerness and trashy skinhead protest romanticism makes all his works look extremely dramatic and experimental. www.instagram.com/roma_losaberidze

Styling – Nikita Cano and My Maanmies
Nikita Cano is an avant-garde and intellectual artisanal fashion stylist, gothic rave queer techno DJ and sound producer, originally from Moscow, based in Barcelona. His intense and diverse background allows him to make the most unexpected projects real and fill them with a heavy load of essential modern references. www.instagram.com/nikita.cano

My Maanmies is Barcelona-based Swedish fashion editor and freelance stylist with deep knowledge and passion for fashion niches, contemporary art and modern architecture. Her works are always unmistakable and full of mystery. www.instagram.com/my.maanmies

Style assistant – Margola Magenti – Visually dominant , occasional stylist based in Barcelona. www.instagram.com/margolamagenti

Make-up – Julia Blamey
Julia Blamey is young and talented make-up artist from Barcelona. Her works are always full of fresh new vision, unexpected turns and wise reminiscences of contemporary art.