Music Video: James Indigo – ‘Van Gogh’

Our favorite overseas rapper, still husband material, James Indigo is back with a stunning music video. Taking from his inspiring debut EP Married To The Game, Van Gogh is a real UK, glitch rave banger. The music video is a piece of art just by itself. Inspired by the late Van Gogh, James Indigo plays a painter that’s locked away in a tower that goes on a wild trip by poisoning himself with paint. In the span of three minutes and 50 seconds, we see a latex robot nurse, paint vomit, horn hair, a botched work of art creature, a magnifying glass headpiece, and an ugly bride.

Birmingham-born rapper James Indigo is making noise in the British music scene. He delivers witty unapologetic lyrics with trippy visuals whilst continuously pushing boundaries. His art focuses on themes of empowerment, embracing sexuality, and celebrating diversity. He wants to teach his audience that they can be of any gender or sexuality and still make great music. He wants to provide a safe space for anyone to be whoever they want to be in their own right. Read our interview with James Indigo over here.

Instagram: @jamesindigo

Written & Performed by James Indigo
Creative direction/ Styling James Indigo
Director & Grade Kassandra Powell @kassandrapowell
Edit Glen Mountford @glen_mountford
Cinematographer Harry Nelder @harrynelder
Gaffer Frank Hammond @frank_hammond 
Spark Mia Yanez @mia.yanez
Animation Intro by Jordan Fallas @jordanwindows
Set Design Matthew Lawrence @mglawrence_
Makeup/prosthetics Sophie Yeff @yeffmua
Wig by Vodka @styledbyvodka
Hair Fade by Charlie Isherwood @ccisherwood
Mouth Grillz Jessica @dientabeauty
Assistant Stylist Wiktor @wiktor__k
French Glitch Intro by @brieubk
Van Gogh Music Producer Tylr Rydr @tylrrydr
Cast/ Performers
Nakai Warikandwa @nakaiwarikandwa
Bashir Aziz @bxsqvi
Adam Frost @adamfrost
Raahim Khan and Marina Nahel (Haus of Ra X Makari) @hausofra @makaristudios 
Olli Hull @ollihull 
Timsto @timsto
Neon Namaste @neon.namaste