MUSO | Dream window. Photography by Cristina Venedict

#Introducing: Z A R U G Autumn Winter 2018 / 2019 collection. Photography by Cristina Venedict. Clothes, concept, styling by Mihai Dan Zarug. “In the 60’s, Inge Morath, a female photography pioneer, and Saul Steinberg, a beloved American artist of Romanian origin, teamed up for a series of portraits where their friends were captured in their daily lives, their heads replaced by paper masks. I had one of those images as my wallpaper for months. I didn’t think I’d use it as inspiration for my collection, that would imply my showing my drawing, which is realy scary for me. But then what’s life without fighting your fears. And so I did. I painted femininity as I see it in the women who inspire me. So, meet my friends.” says the designer Mihai Dan Zarug

Cristina Venedict is based in Botosani, Romania. She says: “To maintain my passion I like to use different styles. I don’t settle down with one specific style. I have periods when I shoot only portraits, other times I love fashion sessions and sometimes I like to escape in a world of dream and create something magical. I like this about me (that I don’t have a specific style), this makes me happy and keeps my passion for photography alive and growing. Even I don’t know what to expect from me. I want to work on projects that represent me and make me discover parts of me that are hidden. I want to surprise myself!”

Photography by Cristina Venedict / / Instagram:

Clothes, concept, styling: Mihai Dan Zarug / / Instagram: