Mute Adoration 6-1 e by Filip Gržinčić

KALTBLUT presents fashion brand: Jamoi. Photography by Filip Gržinčić. Model is Marija Silov signed at FOX. Jamoi is pleased to announce Mute Adoration 6-1 editorial. Shot inside the machine room of Kantrida Pools, the Street Style Sessions collection pays homage to fashion’s eclecticism in the most indicative synesthetic mode. Influences of intricate, sharp cuts allude elaborative Japonesque pattern making, while merged with oversized, baggy pieces of hip-hop culture. Opposites at first glance, become companions the very next moment intertwining threads of tension into a fabric of distinct elegance meeting sex appeal. Emerging elevated harmony of this amalgamation of sensuous fragments becomes an indecipherable white noise of pure artistic flavor layered over impeccable overload of textures and chroma. All natural fabrics, in subtly unified palette brought tranquility to absolutely unbridled cuts. The haute-couture like dedication to detail applied on basic streetwear, gave this collection its determined uniqueness in embodying the female world traveler of today: a fierce, sleek risk-taker with a strong sense of self-creation and drive.

Photography by Filip Gržinčić / Instagram: @filipgrzincic_photography 

Stylism and Creative Direction by Mirjana Klepić / Instagram: @jamoi_

Model is Marija Silov signed at FOX / Instagram: @marijasilov

Make up by Daniel Domika / Instagram: @domikadaniel

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