MWORKS Spring/Summer 2023 – Boys in shorts love flowers

#Lookbook – The main theme of the collection comes from the motto: “Boys in shorts love flowers”. A slogan is written on a vintage t-shirt that Martin (creative director) found at the flea market in the Marolles district in Brussels. Instagram: @mworksparis

This sentence was very catchy, simple, and direct, exactly the tone MWORKS wanted around its unstructured summer wardrobe. There is a strong place for hybridization of the clothes: a “poncho parka” made with a British gabardine, a “hooded worker shirt”, a neo-Tennis short, and a “zip pants” constructed with zips and buttons in aim to transform its shape depending on how you want to wear it.

The team wanted to approach the floral theme from a florist’s point of view (its poetic and sensual approach), mixed with the reality of a florist workshop’s daily routine. That is why the collection is also influenced by workwear: shapes and colours (grey, electric blue, off-white, colour blocks) with a touch of sensitivity with, for instance, the stripes satin poplin in turquoise blue.

MWORKS + DEBEAULIEU, Art collab with a Parisian based florist.

Each season, MWORKS invites artists from the different universes (painters, illustrators, dancers, photographers, digital designers…) to collaborate on creative sustainable projects.

For summer 23, MWORKS is collaborating with Debeaulieu, a famous Parisian-based artisan florist. Debeaulieu has imagined a floral motif with real flowers in his atelier. Then, MWORKS has taken pictures of his creation. The idea was to cut into the pictures to create all the pieces making up the clothes. A project mixing different disciplines: flower arrangement, photography and, of course, fashion.

MWORKS is a Parisian-based laboratory brand that combines clothing and art projects, using sustainable solutions and innovations. Each collection is a panorama of a multitude of conscious and respectful solutions discovered in Europe during travels and networking over the past 3 years.

The concept of the brand has been imagined as an open hub where artists, experts, manufacturers, start-ups, and artisans are invited to work together and mix their visions and ideas. In a collective state of mind, MWORKS try to think and propose a fashion taking care of today and tomorrow.

Inspired by architecture, the evolution of modern ways of living and contemporary cultures’ blends, MWORKS creates menswear, also wearable by women.

All the clothes are made with sustainable solutions: upcycled or recycled fabrics, and virgin wools. The printed fabrics are made with organic cotton and printed with an ecological innovative process in the Netherlands. All the fabrics are sourced between the UK, France, and Italy. The clothes are made in France, Belgium, Poland and now, Ukraine.

With this collection, MWORKS will start a “small production” project in Ukraine with its new partner Lener Cordier with an aim to participate to maintain the local textile workers’ activity in the country.