My Body Contradicts Me

Tomasso Guermandi was born in 1984 and has a studio in Forlì (Italy) where he lives. What he tries to represent in his photographs is a reality of the border, but not a marginal one. His photographs are intended as small, short, stories of existential dreams, but full of meaning: the leaves, the wind, the colors of the seasons, love and suffering.

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For KALTBLUT he has created a project that was born from a song called “Beg for more” by Gaia Riva

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“My body contradicts me is a war between my brain and my heart, between my needs and my pains. And i decided to get naked to represent this sort of collision. In my life there’s always been a war between my innermost desires and my heart.I think there is this fight in each of us, and We can only make us invade from this and start to live really free.

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I tried to represent a borderline reality. Not marginal; not nearly. But a non-conformist reality. In substance I imagine animated and non-animated objects in a special zoo made of thoughts and words. Pictures as short existential, emotional, dream stories. But thick of concrete things: the leaf, the wind, the colour of the season, of the love, of the pain…

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