My Hearth is An Animal by Katarzyna & Marcin Owczarek

Katarzyna & Marcin Owczarek are artists-photographers working together. Our project is mysterious, surreal, and has emotional vigour. Telling stories is a part of their fine art photography project based on surrealistic imagery. Their series titled “My Hearth is An Animal” brings elaborate compositions combining human and animal elements.
“We employ animal characters in human settings, often in a social and spiritual context, because each creature brings to life beautiful and original symbolism and emotional values. We are all connected, people, animals, nature…as one living organism. In every human being, there is a piece of animal instincts and in every animal, there is a piece of human being: soul, feelings, emotions, fragility. Animals show human emotions. Our observations reveal beauty, sometimes it is found in an unconventional way. For this reason, our whole work deals with the relationship between Man and Nature, in particular with animals. Our artworks are both planned and subconscious. Sometimes it is deliberate observation, sometimes just like a dream half-remembered. Strange encounters at the edge of perception. We create imaginary landscapes and we invite the viewer to immerse themselves into a world of dreams and mystery to see the reality in diverse ways.”