MY NAME’s AΘΗΝΑ! Photography by YuLiang Liu

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial by YuLiang Liu. Collaborate with co-founder of the Athenian collective “BLNK”, Alex Aravantinos. Stylists are Alexander Excrusio and Kristof Yen. Hair by Anna Maria Stergiou. Model is Athen based drag queen Alexander Excrusio. Fashion by Kristof Yen, Thrift Store, Thrift Store, Reject, ZARA and others. In this editorial the co-founder of the Athenian collective “BLNK”, Alex Aravantinos and the Berlin Based photographer, YuLiang Liu, join forces to imagine a modern version of the ancient goddess of wisdom Athena ( AΘΗΝΑ – Greek), an image far from the conservative greek reality. Embracing the upcoming queer and creative desire of the Greek capital they aim to recreate how this figure, that comes back to life after thousands of years, is ready to brake the norms and regain its glory against obsolete stereotypical beliefs.

Choker: Reject
Shirt: H&M
Corset: Thrift Store Thigh high vinyl socks: Reject Shoes: Demonia

Dress: Kristof Yen Shoes: Demonia

Produced by BLNK IG @projectblnk 
Photographer – YuLiang Liu IG @yuliangliubln /
Concept – Alex Aravantinos IG @pal_blnk
Model – Alexander Excrusio IG @reject_001
Stylist – Alexander Excrusio and Kristof Yen IG @kristof_xciv
Hair – Anna Maria Stergiou IG @annamariactergiou