A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial from South Africa. Photographer Aart Verrips captured Ehard, Eduardo, Marc and Nkosingiphile for us. The editorial is featuring the fashion by Nao Serati. A contemporary athliesure brand based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded by designer Neo Serati Mofammerein 2014, the brand specialises in unisex garments that explore the margins of gender and sexuality, while bearing in mind their South African heritage. Nao Serati is all about a dialogue which asks, dissects and often subverts what it is to be a man or a woman in modern-day Africa. This is one of my favourite male editorials ever. I love the combination of fashion and the male body. 

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Photographer: Aart Verrips IG: @thatlegokid92

Stylist+Clothing: Nao Serati IG:@naoserati

Models: Ehard, Eduardo, Marc and Nkosingiphile