Natural Union – Bryan Adams for Kaldewei

#Campaign – Through his images, legendary rockstar and iconic photographer Bryan Adams takes a stance on connectivity and hygiene awareness in controversial times. With attention to details, Adams takes an intimate look at togetherness for KALDEWEI: By following simple hygiene standards, we join hands—with our family, our friends, our partners.

An intense collaboration between Bryan Adams and Kaldewei evolved through the project “natural union”. With his empathetic and professional vision, Adams staged the 2021 washbasin collection and developed characteristically and emotionally strong images with an urgent message. “Natural union” may seem at odds with the commandment of the hour for social distancing at first stance. But if we take our responsibility towards each other and our environment seriously, we are closer than ever. //

“We are all naturally connected and have a responsibility to look after each other and the environment – everyday actions like washing your hands have never been more important,” says the photographer, highlighting the concept behind the campaign.

In late August, six people of different gender, ages and backgrounds came together in a Berlin photo studio. Under running water, distinctively strong hands touched sensually. The connection to Kaldewei formed naturally, as the company has been producing steel enamel products that make every surface unique through their natural components.

KALDEWEI is a German family business that has been producing steel enamel for 100 years; now in the fourth generation. The portfolio includes bathtubs, shower surfaces, washbasins and installation systems for individual clients and project businesses. Superior bathroom solutions made of KALDEWEI steel enamel can be recycled entirely at the end of their life cycle. That is KALDEWEI’s contribution to environment-friendly construction. As a long-term partner, KALDEWEI is supporting the WWF marine conservation programme that is devoted to reducing plastic waste in our oceans—out of responsibility for the environment and future generations.

Steel and Glass Turn into Steel Enamel

Steel and glass are two authentic, natural materials that possess unique properties and have been valued for millennia. They blend into an immaculate fusion of steel enamel. Kaldewei products are 100 per cent Made in Germany and are the epitome of exceptional design. For generations, the unique enamel formula has been a well-kept secret. Applied onto steel, a pristinely beautiful, durable, hygienic surface evolves. Steel enamel is 100 per cent recyclable and one of the most sustainable materials in the bathroom.

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