Neon Dream by Kassai Kowalska

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial and fashion film. Produce and photographed by Kassai Kowalska. Karolina Pytlos at GAGA MODELS. Styled by Katarzyna Kalumiere with fashion from AMMA, MrGoodvibe Milano, Casucci. Hair by Dariusz Tęsiorowski. Make up by Aleksandra Wieczorek & Natalia Miś. “I am Katarzyna (Kassai) Kowalska. I live in Wroclaw.  Since 2012 I work as a freelance photographer. I have collaborated with companies such as  Bittersweet Paris,  My French Mood, Gavel and many others. Publications in various international magazines (Elegant, iMute, COOL UK, Chasseur Magazine) and websites modeling agencies (e.g.D’vision, Model Plus, Joy Milano) and fashion’s site ( , Fashion World, Design Scene). The idea that leads my work is the belief that the photography isn’t in the camera, or in what I see, but in my mind. I am the author of what is created in the fraction of the second and is recorded in the memory card of my camera. In my photography I’m trying to use innovative ways, the role of the lights and colors, but the most important thing is the character and originality of the person, whom I’m showing in my pictures.”

Model: Karolina Pytlos GAGA MODELS //,lina // @modela91

Photographer: Kassai Kowalska // @kassaikowalska

Assistant: Piotr Radziemski

Hairdresser: Dariusz Tęsiorowski /

MUA: Aleksandra Wieczorek & Natalia Miś /

Stylist: Katarzyna Kalumiere

Projects from AMMA, MrGoodvibe Milano, Casucci

Help: Sara Krzak, Carlo Fanfoni