Never Again Gallery: Ukrainian artists reinterpreted posters from the Second World War

Ukrainian artists and illustrators have reinterpreted World War II information posters due to aggressive Russia’s war in Ukraine. The Never Again Gallery project appeals to the historical memory of Western countries’ people with a request to support Ukraine in a situation very reminiscent of the events of 80 years ago.

More than 55 million deaths, millions of refugees, concentration camps, and 10,000 destroyed towns and villages. After the end of World War II, the entire civilized world said “Never again.” In 2022, Russia said, “Let’s do it again”.

Between 1939 and 1945, countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, including Britain and the United States, created hundreds of emotional posters. With appeals, instructions and motivation. To some extent, those posters helped stop the saddest events in human history. 80 years later, Ukrainian artists and illustrators adapted 21 of those World War II posters to ask the entire civilized world, which beliefs in freedom and the power of democracy, to help Ukraine prevent the Third World War.

You can see all the original posters and their adapted versions on the website. Each adapted poster can be downloaded and printed to be hung on the streets and in the establishments of your city. The official Instagram account of the project can be found at the link.

20 Ukrainian artists worked on the project. Including:

  • Tetiana Yakunova
  • Oleksandra Kovaliova
  • Anton Logov
  • Anna Sarvira
  • Maria OZ
  • Varvara Perekrest
  • WAONE Interesni Kazki
  • Oleksandr Grekhov
  • Anton Abo
  • Alina Kropachova
  • WE BAD
  • Masha Foya
  • Mari Kinovich
  • Alina Zamanova
  • Bravebirdie
  • Sestry Feldman
  • Yulia Vus
  • Alex Derega
  • Marie Hermasheva


If you want to join the project and add your own versions of reinterpreted posters to the gallery, write to the project team at

artwork by Oleksandr Grekhov

Project team: 

  • Serhii Malyk, creator, ANGRY agency
  • Oksana Gonchar, creator, [isdgroup]
  • Yulia Krusser, web designer
  • Dasha Andriuschenko, producer, ANGRY agency
  • Inna Alimova, designer, ANGRY agency
  • Inna Polshyna, producer, ANGRY agency
  • Olha Yurieva, PR manager, ANGRY agency
  • Oleksandr Kozlov, web developer
  • Dmitriy Avksentiev, music composer
  • Iuliana Pianykh, art consultant, Port Agency