New EP out! Federico Luz – FORMULAS

At the core of the persona FEDERICO LUZ is the voice as a channeling and magical instrument. It moves within the interstice of music, fashion, and performance: How is the voice part of our dress? Of our sorcerous uniform?

Through these constellations, FEDERICO LUZ navigates as a mythical ferryman providing care and companionship on a collective journey. The hybrid musicology acts as a vessel, harbouring spirituality and sensibility for transcendent exchange. With an alternating crew and an evolving set of artistic tools, FEDERICO LUZ has set out to explore how kinship materialises across time and space.

The extended play FORMULAS roams through a series of modern spells for daily life. Invoking ancient god*desses, summoning natural phenomena, and addressing our endlessly mysterious affairs of the hearts, it provides a shimmering-warm vocabulary of re-orientation, a niche between profanity and the sacral. Thus, FORMULAS is a language of the future, a map of guidance to the Inner-World.

EP credits:
all tracks written and produced by Federico Luz except Say It Right co-produced by Stefan Cantante and Corazón Azul featuring Pimpo mastering by Luís Rodrigues Alves graphic design Chloe Janssen


all photography and edit by Dora Denerak Galyas

styling by Brankica Sanadrovic

styled with pieces by
Agnes Varnai
Ordained Hardware @ordained_hardware
Vivienne Westwood
Nikola Markovic @niko__markovic
Stylist’s Own