Nicklas Skovgaard Spring/Summer 2024

Copenhagen Fashion Week – Nicklas Skovgaard, a considered and luxurious womenswear brand, captivates fashion enthusiasts with its strong elocution and a desire to delight through unexpected parallels. Since its inception in 2020, the Copenhagen-based brand has been on a journey to explore the power of textiles in expressing narratives by merging unique materials with classical forms.

Founder Nicklas Skovgaard, a visionary artist, immerses himself in creating textiles with an exceptional surface. After discovering a small loom, he honed his weaving skills, crafting swatches of his own fabric. As his ambition grew, so did the size of his creations, resulting in larger pieces that were moulded into jackets, hats, and capelets.

In the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Skovgaard juxtaposes his handmade textiles with contradictory fabrications, resulting in unexpected combinations and intriguing silhouettes. The collection features a harmonious blend of hand-woven wool fabric merged with water-repellent fabric, silk taffeta, and stretch jersey. These unconventional pairings give birth to captivating garments, each one evoking a dreamlike state and professing the transformative power of clothes.

The inspiration for the collection lies in the remarkable relationship between Danish painter Gerda Wegener and her wife Lili Elbe. Throughout their lives together, Wegener painted Elbe, portraying her as a loving partner and an idolized muse. Collaborating with performance artist Britt Liberg for the debut show of Collection 07, Skovgaard skillfully captures the essence of the ultimate muse. In the show, Liberg stands as the lone real model among 16 naturalistic mannequins, amplifying the dreamlike quality of the garments.

Skovgaard designed this collection by envisioning how Liberg, as the ultimate muse, would paint a picture of Collection 07. During her performance, Liberg gracefully interacts with the mannequins, dressing and undressing, moving and standing still, and exploring new and subverted ways of wearing the garments. Through this collaboration, Skovgaard beautifully showcases the interplay between a muse that breathes life into inanimate forms and mannequins that reflect that life back onto the poet.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Skovgaard shares, “Back in early Spring, when I started working on what I envisioned for my debut show for Collection 07, I immediately knew that I wanted it to be a collaboration between Amsterdam-based performance artist Britt Liberg and myself. Ever since I saw Britt perform for the first time, I felt captivated by how she brought new dimensions to garments that I had never noticed before. For me, she gave clothes a new meaning. Britt Liberg’s showcase of Collection 07, along with the vintage-sourced mannequins, epitomizes my idea of the ultimate muse for the collection. Her presence brings forth the dreamlike state and fantasy that clothes can inspire, transforming my first fashion show into a truly immersive experience. I witness an enchanting interplay between Britt Liberg reflecting life into the mannequins wearing the collection, and the mannequins reflecting life back onto Britt Liberg.”

Key pieces showcased on the runway include hand-woven short jackets adorned with zippers, hand-woven garments featuring exquisite ostrich feather trim, lace dresses with belt straps, and heavily draped jersey dresses and skirts. The collection also features off-shoulder jersey dresses with smocked lambskin leather, exuding an elegant and avant-garde aesthetic.

Nicklas Skovgaard’s Spring/Summer 2024 Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week delivers a bold statement, encouraging fashion enthusiasts to embrace the unexpected and explore the transformative power of clothing. Skovgaard’s meticulously crafted garments, inspired by the connection between art, textiles, and human emotion, transcend seasonal trends and create a world where boundaries fade and dreams come to life.

Nicklas Skovgaard Runway photos @jamescochrane