Nico Sutor WAR Spring / Summer 2018

#Lookbook! Photographer Natalia Kandula lensed the new non-gender collection “WAR” by Berlin based Designer Nico Sutor. “This collection was a complete struggle” the designer said “nothing was speaking to me and I really had to fight my way thru the design process, so it was only logical to name the collection “war”. Sometimes, you have to fight yourself and your creativity, to find something new! For me it was color, I NEVER did that much color in a collection! I guess I have a new (old) friend now.” Models are Hakan Berryfinn, Vik, Marco Hunger and Alex Selzer. Hair and Make-up by Rabea Röhll and Nina Suchanoff. Shoes by SUICOKE.

Photography by Natalia Kandula
Asisstant Robin Solf

Hair and Make-up by
Rabea Röhll
and Nina Suchanoff

Hakan Berryfinn
Marco Hunger
Alex Selzer

Shoes by SUICOKE
thanks to Claudia Wünsch Communication

All fashion by NICO SUTOR