Niewidoczna by Alice Nowicka

Alice Nowicka is a 26 year old photographer from Poland, Gdańsk. This project Niewidoczna (Invisible) is about that women have the right to the same symbols as men. Niewidoczna (Invisible) is a name of a girl who wants to do what her lads are doing.

“Two brothers – Mirosław J. (38) and Bogumił J. (36) – have watched too many action films and decided to form a gang.”
“I truly admire Lechia boys. A round of applause for their valiancy, because they really showed their class – says one of the fans.”
“Boxing community is still mostly dominated by men.”

“Meanwhile in Poland football is still a men’s game. Not so long ago Zbigniew Boniek was tweeting that in football “woman are unnecessary”.”

Change the word brothers into sisters.
Change the word boys into girls.
Change the word men into women.
Change the word male into female.
And then SHE will become VISIBLE.

Photography by
Instargram: @alicenowicka
Art director is Alice Nowicka
Instagram: @alicenowicka
Video by Przemek Grabicki SHOOTMACHINE
Instagram: @grabicki_shootmachine
Model is Natalia Kudlicka
Instagram: @n_kudl
Models Agency Malva Models
Instagram: @malvamodels
Dress by Zuzanna Zygmunt
Instagram: @zygmunt.zuzanna
Set design by Blanka Byrwa BBAD
Instagram: @bbad.esign
Hair & makeup by Sandra SSmakeup
Instagram: @ss__makeup__
Music by LASY
Instagram: @lasylasylasy
Typography on poster by Agnieszka Kotowska
Instagram: @typowy_kot
Styled by Alice Nowicka
Instagram: @alicenowicka
Production by Alice Nowicka
Instagram: @alicenowicka