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KALTBLUT presents the new NIKA TOM – ‘TANGENTUM’ Collection! Zagreb-born designer Nika Čuić established her label NIKA TOM in 2015, shortly after obtaining a degree in Fashion design and Costumeography as well as earning an MA in Economics at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. The new collection is currently available at concept store Casimir Pulaskiday in Japan and online shop Klodier, based in Croatia. 


“Denominated ‘TANGENTUM’ is an articulation of a shift in dimensions – an alteration of oblivion and oniric fragments- eliminating the familiar to form this fragmented space into parts. An infinity of possibilities where the author tends to catch moments in which performers with their tempting clothing, created by twisting threads, get exposed while the clothes remain imperforate in an open space. As a tangent line, with a characteristic of ‘just touching’, it blithely suggests that the thread, ultimately, is you.”

Brand: NIKA TOM www.instagram.com/nikatom_
photo: Karla Jurić
Make up: Maja Gligorić
Models: Zita Nakić, Inka Vuković, anja Mikačić