NTO and Monolink share feature-film style video for ‘Beyond Control’

French producer NTO and German producer Monolink have teamed up for the recently released track “Beyond Control”, which is part of NTO’s debut album Apnea. The song features Monolink’s signature charismatic vocals paired with NTO’s melodic production. Accompanying the track is a stunning feature-film style video directed by Jean Charles Charavin.

Since last year, NTO has been unveiling new tracks and making each and every one of them a step closer to his album, like diving stages. His covers evolve according to each step, it’s like diving into an unknown land, that gradually and slowly reveals the theme of the album, Apnea. Each single is an opportunity for an unexpected collaboration: Meute was invited to cover “Zig Zag”, Sofiane Pamart reappropriated with his piano “Invisible”, and Paul Kalkbrenner – the artist who gave NTO the vocation of techno – made him the honour of an already cult remix. The album was inspired by a meeting with Arthur Guérin, the Freediving Word Champion. As they spoke, they found similarities between his diving and daily training, and the way he makes music: They both need to be totally immersed, this allows them to feel close to their feelings and be completely cut off from the world.

Watch the stunning video for “Beyond Control” below.

Stream NTO’s debut album Apnea here.

Cover photo by Romain Garcin

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