Nuno Gama´s performance at ModaLisboa

Menswear designer Nuno Gama decided not to present a collection in the 55th edition of ModaLisboa, opting for a ‘performance’ to stimulate a reflection on the current moment. “In an attempt to understand and to transform the situation into an opportunity to evolve, we will share a thought with a dance, performed by Bruno Pardo, accompanied by the models and choreographed by Olga Roriz.” //

“Turned inside out, trapped, we feel for answers with steps of the memory of today with which we will rise again tomorrow. In the nobility of the heritage that distinguishes us, we once again find the frontiers of the essence of our soul, which point by point, we have embroidered with gold thread, interlaced in introspection and prayer, a one-of-a-kind coat, that shall not be repeated, as a letter of love to Portugal.

We will dance as many times as is necessary, until we can hear the music, inspired by the poetry of the gestures of dressing and by the beauty of the mechanical articulation of the human-machine, thereby searching for new formulas that will rewrite the form/function of clothing in our life, in what it represents to all of us, in the eternal search for what we desire.”

EMBROIDERY: Aliança Artesanal.

Angel of Portugal: Protector of our spiritual essence, in charge of fulfilling our soul state.
The Sea-Monster: In the mysteries of the Portuguese soul, the sea symbolizes the fear of the unknown.
In Latin, rope means heart, and with the sailor’s knot, we get the symbol of love.
The Caravel: We understand the mysteries of the Portuguese soul by overcoming fear.
Fado: A takeover during a moment between the force of the soul and the resilient outlook in life. Through song, we transform the waves into roses, evoking the symbolism of our soul, personified in the essence of fado.